From the moment we arrived in Cusco, we knew we were in good hands with Welsat. We were met at the airport and taken to our hotel. Over refreshments, Wilbert explained in great detail what we would be doing over the next few days. All consideration was taken with what sights and activities we were interested in and we feel we received a tailor made plan. We didn't need to worry about anything as everything from our tickets to our taxi was organised with great care. Pedro was a fantastic guide with huge experience of Machu Picchu but also of insights of the people and heritage. Compared to other tour groups, Welsat gives a much more professional yet genuine experience.

- Jennifer Jones, Entrepreneur and Business Owner - Sydney, Australia

I feel lucky and privileged to have traveled Peru with Wilbert, Pedro and Welsat five times. Every year that I return I am a little more impressed with the level of service provided. Traveling with a group can be challenging, and Wilbert works tirelessly to ensure that everyone in our group is safe, healthy and happy. He and his staff go the extra mile to personalize our journey, while still maintaining the integrity of the group itinerary-a tricky balance to hold, and they do that with grace and humour. When I was videotaping, Wilbert made sure that I captured an authentic farming scene that few North Americans would have seen before. Pedro and Wilbert have both dedicated hours and hours to studying Inkan history and culture, in order to make our tours of ancient sites highly informative. In fact, travelers from other groups often drift from their guides toward ours, to get the real story! Wilbert and Welsat endeavor to create and maintain excellent, harmonious relationships with the Q'ero and other shamans, so that we can experience the highest quality of traditional ceremonial, divination, and healing services possible. Their relationships with local businesses is also excellent, which opens doors for us to receive good prices and great service, consistently. Thank You Wilbert, Pedro and Welsat for some of the most unique and meaningful experiences of my life.

- Denene Derksen, Shamanic Practitioner and Author - Calgary, Canada

For more than 15 years, I have known and worked with Wilbert Salas as the guide and organizer of the annual Peru trips for students of my Shamanic School. I have found his services to be beyond expectation every time he sets up our tours. His attention to detail is excellent, as well as his planning and organizational skills. In addition, Wilbert is an excellent source of information about the people, flora, fauna, and historic sites of Peru. During our trips, he has freely shared his knowledge, making the trips very rich and deep for me and my students, all of this being accomplished within a very reasonable cost framework.

Beyond his guiding services, Wilbert has become a partner with my company in our federally licensed charity, Kimmapii Kids, an initiative for a Canadian group to provide school supplies to children of poor families in the Sacred Valley of Peru. To accomplish this, Wilbert set up a charitable branch to his company which looks after the many details of preparing some 1500 satchels full of school supplies annually for which we provide the funding.  

- Wil (Marv) Harwood,  President - Kimmapii School of Shamanism - Crowsnest Pass, Canada

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